Our Team

Anne Thomas

Anne brings over 13 years of experience in web development and has helped create some of the best Shopify themes in the market. She spent 4.5 years at Out of the Sandbox as the Technical Director, working on themes such as Turbo and Flex. Her knowledge of the Shopify platform runs deep!

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Laura Brisson

Laura has a knack for figuring out your ideal marketing strategy at a lightning fast pace. She has been exposed to a wide variety of Shopify businesses and her clients all appreciate her expertise. She can’t wait to provide in-depth assessments of your current marketing tactics and nothing makes her happier than delivering those “wins” to you.

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Jess Joyce

Jess is an SEO consultant who is also an accomplished web developer. She has worked for some of the biggest agencies in Toronto to fulfill in-depth SEO audits that provide clear and actionable feedback. Her attention to detail is unparalleled and she is excited to bring the same level of quality and insight to your audit.

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