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Shopify Online Speed Scores & What It Means to Your Store

Shopify has rolled out their Online Speed Scores report across all merchant stores and understandably it sent store owners into a frenzy. And why wouldn’t it - seeing “your store is performing slower than most Shopify stores” certainly *sounds* like reason for panic, right?

Well, not really, if we're being real here. In an episode of the Unofficial Shopify Podcast about these scores, our friend Kurt Elster breaks down the value of these speed results and how Gymshark, a Shopify Plus merchant and success story recently valued in the billions of dollars, has a speed score of 6. S-I-X.

See - we told you not to panic :) 

What Effects Online Speed Scores

All this isn't to say website speed isn't important, because of course it is. Making sure you're diligent about things like image sizes, lazy loading images, app overload, videos, javascript frameworks and much more goes a long way to ensuring your Shopify store loads as quickly as possible. And using benchmarks like your page load time, and page size, are much more valuable metrics in terms of your site's performance. 

Page speed also has an affect your SEO (search engine optimization) rankings, but does having a 100/100 score in a Lighthouse report or the new Shopify reports mean top rankings? Not quite. 

While page speed can affect your site, it’s not the only SEO factor. Ensuring that you're satisfying the user’s intent and having the right content makes much more of an impression, rather than striving for the elusive 100/100 score. 

Where To Find Your Online Store Speed

In your Shopify admin, under Online Store --> Themes there's a section that shows your score with a bit of information on what affects your score. 

Online Speed Score Report
Or you can head to the Online Store Speed score directly by going to this URL by replacing YOURSTORE with the name of your store - 
and there you can view the report yourself to see what your current score is and how it's changed over time. 

There are a lot of resources out there to learn about page speed and how to help yours along, it get overwhelming.

Not sure where to start with Online Store Speed?

The Shop Critique team is here to assist you with understanding your page speed and offer best practices for increasing performance, conversions and your SEO long term.

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