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Standard Package

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This package of audits is the best option for getting the most important insights into your store. The standard package gives you face-time with our experts to explain your report in detail.

If you have ever wanted to get someone to go over your site with a fine-tooth comb and spot all the potential opportunities - this is the package for your shop.

  • We begin with your merchant questionnaire to fully understand your target market when creating the audits.
  • From there, we get access to your site's backend and any analytics to get a full overview. Our team puts together your in-depth audit over the course of 10 days, each person focusing on their respective area of expertise.
  • Finally, we hop on a call and explain all the different aspects of your audits - this is your time to clarify or ask questions you may have after the package has been delivered.

SEO Audit

Crawl Analysis
Check for issues, 404s, redirects, etc. 

Architecture + Internal Links Assessment
Assessment of hierarchy of links

Structured Data Check
Check for errors and opportunities

On-page + Content
Assessment of on-page structure and content

Meta Data Critique
Check for consistency, duplication, suggestions to better use and structure.

Images Inventory
Missing alt text, large images, improperly sized, etc.


Local/International SEO Check
Check for targeting customers locally & internationally

Redirect Cleanup
Analysis of how users and search engines are reaching your content and suggestions on how it can be optimized for both

Off-Page - External Links Audit
Inventory the links pointing to your store, and suggestions for where your business can connect with

Keyword Analysis & Recommendations
Keywords are the core to any SEO strategy, so we work with your team to find and ensure your business is positioned to search users and recommend a plan as you grow

Technical + UX Audit

Site performance report
Performance metrics from main analysis tools and highlight areas for improvement

Spelling and grammar
Highlight spelling and grammar errors with suggestions

Technical health check
Check for theme updates and highlight important feature releases

User Experience critique
Markup suggestions directly on your site with comments on desktop, tablet, and mobile screen sizes


App inventory
Record of all your installed apps to track for future use and identify any cost savings

Video of checkout flow
Video showing checkout process with comments and suggestions along the way

Accessibility test
Determine areas of the site that need to be addressed for a better shopping experience for customers with disabilities

Top 10 recommendations for your site related to technical and UX discoveries

Marketing Audit

Email Marketing Audit
Analysis of current email workflow and processes, lists and segmentation, automations and workflows, design, and performance metrics

Conversion Rate Audit
Analysis of Calls to Action (CTA), Homepage, Collection pages, Product pages, and Checkout

Shopify Analytics Audit
A high-level review of customer and transactional data to identify any trends or areas for improvement


Social Media Audit
Review what is working and areas for improvements across social media channels

Competitor Analysis
Provide examples of email, social, and paid advertising used by competitors in your space

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